8 Tips to Increase your Social Media Engagement

June 22, 2020

By:    admin

8 Tips to Increase your Social Media Engagement

Social media has evolved to be an absolute platform for business to flourish on, only if the plans and strategies used are appropriate. It is turning out to be a powerful weapon day by day to reach the targeted audience regardless of the time and place.

Majority of brands choose social media channels in order to communicate for their brands. 

However, most businesses tend to underestimate the power of social media engagement.

What is social media engagement?

Simply explaining, social media engagement is when an individual interacts with your business’s social media account through :

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Follows
  • Comments
  • Retweets
  • Click-through

Engagement through these kinds of areas helps to build an effective relationship with your customers. The more you get involved with the customer, they tend to be attached and know more about you.

The two way communication is highly preferred by the audience rather than communicating with a robot that sends an automatic reply. The followers of the business find it hard to trust a faceless organization and seek to interact with the real person.

If you are among the business, choosing social media as a communication channel, here are the important tips you should know to strengthen your social media engagement.

Precise goal

The entire social media strategy is completely based on how concrete your goal is. You should be very much conformed and dedicated towards your goal which will make your customer easier to know what service they will get from you. The specific goal and dedication will improve your trust with customers and also will help you to stick on the track.

Knowing your audience

Before even making contents for your business, it is very essential to know what type of customer you are feeding your information. When the type of customer and the content doesn’t match, no matter how hard you try by making an effective content you will fail to convince them.

Valuable content

The content you create for your business will not be noticed until it is something new or interesting. If you post the same thing that multiple people on the platform are choosing than it might just be a waste of time. People don’t bother to look at the content that is more usual and seems pretty similar to others. Which is why new and interesting content is a very important part of the plan.


Social media is full of treads and events. What we can do in this part is being up to date about the recent trends and posting the content on the exact time. Being a part of the trends will boost your post and make it more visible. An option of scheduling a post is the best one in case you will not be available for a particular event.

Responding to comments

It might seem as not a big deal, but the replies on the comment of the customers reflects a huge impact on them. It does not only make the bond with the customer stronger, it also boosts your post and becomes more visual. Replying to customers through social media makes them feel closer to the company and helps to enhance the relationship.


Using the power of humor goes a long way in the field of social media. The humor used in the platform usually gets hyped. Also, people tend to remember these notes for quite a long time. This kind of move catches a different attention to the customers which is exactly what we need.


Using trending hashtags has a different benefit. While the post you make already reaches your followers, using hashtags helps to reach your post to the people who aren’t following you yet. The act of attaching relevant and trending hashtags in twitter and instagram posts can improve the chances of finding additional users for the content.

Picture, Videos, Emojis, Memes and Gifs

These points will be proven as a gem if you are searching for social media engagement. People are highly attracted to the post that is more highlighting. Post with just words on it and post with Picture, Videos, Emojis, Memes or Gifs, the high chances of gaining more attention will definitely not be the post with just words. Keeping these options constant on your post will surely increase your social media engagement.