Best Blogging Platform for Content Marketing (2020)

June 28, 2020

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Best Blogging Platform for Content Marketing (2020)

Either you are publishing a blog for the business or as a hobby, both come with a lot of benefits. The establishment of the authority in an industry is possible through an organized and informative blog. Additionally, blogs serve a crucial purpose in marketing which also drives traffic to the website and enables converting the traffic into leads.

Consistent blogging is arguably the most effective way to build brand awareness and enhance inbound marketing as long as the contents are relevant and useful to the target audience. Mostly, when it comes to small businesses, blogging is virtually a must. In such a case, while you are trying to establish yourself as an expert in the industry, blogging as a marketing strategy for sure benefits to increase the online exposure.

An inbound marketing report states

Almost 80% of companies that use blogging as a part of their marketing strategy reported acquiring customers through their blogging initiatives.


Blogging platform

Blogging platforms contain similar characteristics, however the audiences may vary from one another. It is not enough anymore to target the global Web audience. A blog platform that exists on a host site such as Blogger and WordPress also targets the authors and visitors to other blogs on that platform. Another essential consideration is the audience of that platform. and both have more traditional content with a mix of images and narrative. Tumblr and other recent additions to blogging platforms are more graphical and appear to have younger and more uninhibited authors.

Here is the list of the blogging platforms that might give you an insight to choose that best fits your business



In terms of a marketing perspective, WordPress is considerably one of the best. This particular blogging platform is easy to use, easy installation, and easy updating. The hosted version of the WordPress comes with a fee in exchange for the hosting, support and freedom from ads. 

The ability to customize the site is somehow not accessible. By downloading the open source files of the self-hosted WordPress you can access to every chance and addition required.



The Hotspot Content Marketing System (CMS) is proved to be unique due to the services it provides. This particular blogging platform is fully integrated with Hubspot’s marketing, sales, and service tools and comes with a built-in CRM. Meaning, it allows you to create a fully functional and customized blog.

Initiating with the theme, it can be customized if there is a pre-designed option included. Using HubSpot’s blog editor and built-in SEO tools, a search engine optimized blog posts can be instantly created with CTAs, forms, and other interactive elements. A view on every device is necessary to be viewed before publishing the blog.



Wix has gained popularity among the people who are beginners and looking for hosting and blogging tools in one place. Over 500 of pre-designed templates can be found that any blogger can use. Or you can start from scratch if you know HTML and CSS. 

You can initiate writing and editing posts and add more advanced elements to the page, like music or maps if necessary, you’ll have to add HTML code. Once you’re done writing, you can configure your SEO settings to boost your organic reach, push your content to your subscribers with Wix’s email tool, and share them through your social media accounts. 



Weebly is also considered popular, a blogging platform that provides everything you need to launch a blog, including website building tools, templates, and hosting. This very platform allows you to add more sub-levels to your navigation menus, which allows you to organize large amounts of content. 

The editor supports drag-and-drop functionality for both posts and pages. Weebly offers more functionality than most of them in the marker. For instance, all Weebly templates are also mobile-optimized, which means you won’t have to do any additional editing or rearranging for mobile. However, it does lack flexibility when compared to WordPress or another CMS.



This blogging platform best fits if you are looking for creating image-rich content. SquareSpace only offers 60 templates however, they are claimed to be award-winning designer templates and integrate with Getty Images, Unsplash, and Google AMP and you can create visual content that’s engaging and shareable.