How Facebook Ads Manager helps your business grow on Social Media?

October 10, 2021

By:    Navya IT

How Facebook Ads Manager helps your business grow on Social Media?

Facebook Ads Manager is a tool that allows you to design and manage Facebook ads. All of your Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and advertising can be viewed, changed, and the results can be viewed. You can use Ads Manager to create ad campaigns. You can use Advertising Manager’s ad creation feature to construct your ads in a step-by-step manner. Facebook’s advertising model functions on the “pay-per-click” model which has become the single biggest system for internet advertising.


   Advantages of Facebook Ads Manager:

  • Reach a Wide Audience: Without a doubt, Facebook has one of the greatest user bases for advertisers. Facebook attracts users of all generations. According to Statista, Facebook had over 2.6 billion members globally as of July 2020. This is greater than any other social media site and possibly only second to Google’s search users.

  • Full-funnel Targeting with Multiple Forms of Engagement: Facebook is likely the only digital network that successfully caters to consumers at all points of their engagement journey. Any marketing approach can benefit from Facebook’s ad formats, targeting possibilities, and measurement features.

  • Audience Transparency: While some programmatic networks have audience targeting capabilities similar to Facebook’s, it’s audience reach is very visible. Your firm has a great amount of control and transparency over the audiences it targets thanks to self-selecting audience targeting.


  • Competitor Targeting: On Facebook, you can’t target fans of other brands. However, you can still target users who have indicated desired brands as their interest. Interest-based targeting works because you can use your competitor as the interest being targeted. If you enter in a competitor’s name, Facebook will show you a list of people who have indicated interest in or liked pages about that competitor.

  • Drive Traffic Directly to your Site: As previously mentioned, several of Facebook’s ad alternatives allow you to drive referral traffic to your company’s website. However, if your advertisement is interesting and your targeting is precise, the person will be enticed to leave Facebook and visit your website.

  • Measurable Performance: While this may seem self-evident, it is worth noting that Facebook allows for reporting on a wide range of indicators. Many metrics are accessible depending on the ad style. While third-party analytics monitoring can be used to offer basic conversion numbers, Facebook depends on its pixel to automatically optimize ads.


  •   Keep your  Existing Audience Engaged: One of the most significant advantages of Facebook advertising is that it  assists in the growth of your Facebook likes and followers. While it’s critical to increase referral site traffic, engagement, and conversions, it’s also critical to maintain and engage with your Facebook audience on a daily basis.

Facebook advertising can help you increase your social signals (i.e., shares, likes, and comments) which can indirectly influence your SEO rankings. Hence Facebook Ads Manager assists to help our business grow on Social Media.